Behind every business - there's a story worth knowing.


Tango Investors is a partner-level, angel investment endeavor created by founder Rick Conard

" I believe that behind every business there's a story worth knowing."  Tango is the result of my desire to invest in interesting, local, growth oriented enterprises. We prefer going beyond monetary investment by contributing a real and positive input toward advancing the interests of our partners and their businesses. By working together to custom develop key strategies that will grow and sustain a business, we  can effectively combine our years of experience, range of perspective, and a balanced capital investment to create a leaner, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable company. Achieving operational efficiencies and increasing market share are at the core of Tango's strategy of acheiving lasting success.

On a personal level, it helps me personally to maintain a clear perspective, in all things business, by applying the same lean management philosophy in my own life. I have, over time, eschewed the unnecessary bloat of the "bigger is better" lifestyle model by happily living a simplified, minimalist existence in sunny coastal South Carolina with my wife and three boys." -- Rick Conard

Tango Investors is a seed-stage, angel investment vehicle providing both private capital input and a host of back office support services for our partners and portfolio interests.

Tango actively seeks partnerships with business people who are desirous of advancing their businesses to the next level but lack the necessary capital, contacts, or management background to get there.

We prefer working with locally owned, innovative start-ups, and small businesses that are well positioned in sustainable, growing niche industries.  Our past and current partnerships are a disparate group and include investments in the commercial sign manufacturing, restaurant, shipping, financial software, internet, real estate, laboratory testing, and consumer finance industries.

Tango Investors services include the facilitation of structured investments, the development of tailored business and marketing strategies, and the provision of interim back office support packages. In addition to the investment of capital for initial start-up, expansion, or asset purchases, Tango augments our partnerships by providing valuable bridge accounting, as well as tax, payroll, and marketing support services in the early phase.

Tango's general rule is to never dismiss any business's idea or concept, no matter the size. We carefully consider several projects at a time before deciding to invest in a single business. However, a seed today could become a mighty oak tomorrow. So, if you have a unique business concept, or are just looking to grow the business you already have, we invite you to contact Tango Investors. Please be sure to attach a summarized version (3 pages or less) of your business plan and any data that supports how you'll achieve your business goals.

If your proposal interests us, then we will contact you directly and arrange to meet with you. As standard procedure, we'll protect your interests and privacy by first providing a standard NDA. We then will take an in-depth look at the enterprise, conduct our research, weigh its potential based on a number of factors, and finally determine if we're both a good fit for one another.

We look forward to hearing from you. When you're ready to talk further, click the Contact tab above to either call or email us.

Tango Investors

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